Marriage-Relationship Coaching

Can your marriage be saved? We know it may seem impossible, but don't throw in the towel on your marriage or until we've had a chance to meet with you. You can save and greatly improve your marriage even if you're considering separation, divorce or dealing with the pain of an affair.

What Makes Us Unique from Traditional Marriage Counseling & Therapy?
  • Coaching focuses primarily on the present issues and causes, then helps the couple move forward.
  • A coach builds a partnership with the couple and offers support.
  • A coach serves as a mediator helping couples resolve serious conflict, including; recovering from affairs and negotiating separations when needed.
  • A coach provides accountability and honest feedback.
  • Coaching offers tools and understanding to create a new path and a new future.
  • Coaches are experts on the process; couples are experts on their relationship.
  • Coaching is limited. More serious, deeper issues may need therapy. We can recommend someone to you.
  • A coach should be successful in their own marriage.
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