Couple’s Coaching vs. Couple’s Therapy

Everyone can use a little help to handle life’s challenges – but should you see a marriage therapist or marriage coach for your marriage?

Both couple’s coaching and couples therapy deal with recognizing underlying relationship issues and resolving conflicts. However, each is different in how they seek to accomplish this.

Here are some differences that will help you decide which one is the best fit for your relationship.

Couple’s Coaching…

  • Coaching focuses primarily on the present issues and causes, then helps the couple move forward.
  • A coach builds a partnership with the couple and offers support.
  • A coach serves as a mediator helping couples resolve serious conflict, including; recovering from affairs and negotiating separations when needed.
  • A coach provides accountability and honest feedback.
  • Coaching offers tools and understanding to create a new path and future.
  • Coaches are experts on the process; couples are experts on their relationship.
  • Coaching is limited. More serious, deeper issues may need therapy.
  • A coach should be successful in their own marriage. A therapist should be experienced in dealing with your issues and challenges.

Couples Therapy

  • Therapists are licensed professionals who are able to touch on mental health issues affecting the relationship.
  • Therapy is specialized help that addresses past hurts, mental health issues, or other behaviors that are beyond coaching.
  • Therapists work to uncover emotional issues to solve past and present problems and conflict.
  • Therapists work with people needing help and by identifying dysfunctions or trauma to heal and resolve pain from past experiences.
  • Therapy can deal with individual, and personal issues within the relationship. For instance, addressing behaviors, addiction and other serious concerns of one person in the relationship and how to handle them.
  • Therapists can be coaches but coaches are not therapists. Make sure you ask the therapist about their style.
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